Hello, and welcome to English Zeal, a website where you can learn English language and master it so easily and without effort. English Zeal is an educational website that aims to teach English Language with interactive quizzes to students and non-native speakers all over the world

Our website is for students who want to learn English grammar and build a strong vocabulary or refine their English. It is built for you to use without a teacher.

Englishzeal.com will be useful for you if you are not sure of the answers to questions like these:

  • What is the difference between I did and I have done?
  • When do we use will for the future?
  • What is the structure after I wish?
  • When do we use the and when do we use a?
  • What is the difference between like and as?

These and many other points of English grammar are explained in our website and there are exercises on each point.
There is no level required. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, English zeal concentrates on structures which all students want to use but which often cause difficulty. Some advanced students who have problems with grammar will also find our website useful.


Our advice to you

Don’t take mistakes personally

Mistakes will be your sworn enemies on your learning journey. Some learners will feel humiliated once making mistakes, and as a result, will become terribly demotivated. However, you shouldn’t let mistakes deter you from reaching your learning goals. Please, bear in mind that overcoming mistakes is how you recognize you’re really learning!

Start a journal

Motivate yourself every day by keeping track of your progress. After every lesson, write down what you’ve learned and what you’ve achieved. Don’t forget to pay attention to details and avoid imprecise, generic information. By keeping a journal you will be able to measure your daily progress.

What should I do if I feel lazy?

Break down your objectives into small, actionable chunks and again into manageable steps to realize your goal. If you are feeling that you just don’t have the time or energy to study, opt for an easy task which will still assist you to learn or review something: spend five minutes in reading a motivational post/quotes or watch a brief video on YouTube. when doing that, you would possibly feel inspired and perhaps even capable of finishing a full lesson.