Test you english level

Test you english level aims to evaluate your level whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner. The objective is to get the highest score you can get.

Please, share a screenshot of your score on our Facebook group, and tell us what questions were difficult for you, so we can emphasize them in the upcoming posts.

Good luck!



Why you should take tests?

Tests are valuable in education, fun and help retain information. Some of their main objectives are:

  • — To identify gaps in knowledge
  • — To succeed in your academic studies
  • — To improve the way you study
  • — To learn the right kind of language skills
  • — To get ahead of your peers
  • — To increase your motivation levels

Quizzing , let’s you discover how well you understand a particular lesson. You learn more from choosing your options, and it develops your decision-making ability. Also, you gain knowledge and you will know what your position is currently in that particular category

Playing a quiz is most often trying to assess yourself as to how much you know and of course building up more knowledge for yourself. It may/maynot be considered as flaunting of knowledge but is definitely considered as self development more than the social interaction.

Our quizzes and tests are instructive and free. Check out more:

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