These are ways of expressing similarities, differences, and conditions. In the previous lesson, you have learned and practiced some of them.

To know more, please check How to express similarities, differences and conditions lesson before answering the following Quiz.

Condition Quiz

Let’s start with the condition quiz:


similarities and differences Quiz

Read the information, then complete the sentences mentioned in the quiz below:

MICHEL …                        
is 21 and lives with his parents. He has worked in a shop. He is shy, hard-working and very good at sport. He would like to become the manager of a sports shop.                                              

is 22 and lives alone. He is at university. He is clever but lazy, and spends most of his time at panics. He has no plans for the future.

 is 18 and lives with his parents. He is a trainee in a bank, but one day would like to be the manager. He is a very good footballer.