Let’s say that you want to apply for a job, and you want to present all available and good arguments that would support your demand (a Cover letter, your Curriculum Vitae, your certificates, …etc). Now you are sure that everything is well planned and your file is finally ready.

But wait for a second, haven’t you thought before about adding a recommendation letter?

A recommendation letter is a document written by your professor (sometimes your previous employer), certifies that you have successfully achieved your degree (or your tasks), besides, it states all your abilities and achievements.
Sometimes professors don’t have the time to write a recommendation letter to all their students. They leave the choice to them if they want it or not (believe me you do), and they ask them to bring it printed so they can only put their signature on it.

Here is an example of how a reccomandation letter looks like:

Letter of Recommendation
School of……………………….


To Whom It May Concern,

As Professor of (Major) in(School and University), I take great pleasure in recommending Miss/Mr (Name), my (Degree) student as a promising candidate to apply for your esteemed (program/vacant job)

As a professor in (Major) over the past three years I have got to know Miss/Mr (Name) very well. Being an extremely diligent graduate student and having a strong critical thinking ability, Miss/Mr (Name) has achieved her/his (Degree) degree and have successfully accomplished her research project.

Based on my observations, in addition to her/his exceptional academic excellence among her/his peers, I find Miss/Mr (Name) is a person of very good character, polite and elegant, easygoing and generous, as well as confident in face of challenges. More importantly, she has a loving and caring heart, actively participating in various volunteer and charitable causes.

Most important of all, I am in strong support of Miss/Mr (Name)’s application for your (Company/Program…) because she/he has impressed me as an exceptionally talented female/male researcher with greater insights, more perspectives, and stronger research skills than a great majority of both male and female researchers in (Major). She/he has a great passion for doing further research in this field and I believe that her/his application for your (Company/Program…)  as a solid foundation and great feasibility for success.

I really take great pride in supporting this excellent and promising student for your …………… and hope that her/his application will have your favorable consideration.


Dr. …………….
Professor of (Major), School of…..
……… University

You can download more examples of recommendation letters in word format from here :