You may ask yourself ‘How can I improve my English?’ Well, whether you are starting from scratch or have distant memories of learning English, it’s quite understandable that you need to get back to it right now. The question is HOW?
Well, we have great news for you today! This article aims to share with you one of the secrets of learning not only the English language but also any other language you like.

One of the secrets of learning the English language

This is a question that we are asked all the time. So yes, we fully understand that you want to have realistic and visible results in a short time. In this article, you will be able to see what method you need to develop and which habit to work on.

1- Organize your environment to be automatically in touch with English every day

The idea is that you use all the motivation you have from the beginning to set up habits that will remain, even when this motivation fades. You must use English everywhere: in your kitchen, your bedroom, in a store, at work, at school…, etc.
For example, did you know that you can change your Facebook account settings to display in English? It’s very easy, just select it in the settings. This is done in two clicks from the home page.
We invite you to do the same with your smartphone. If you have an iPhone for example, it’s very easy. Just go to Settings-> General-> Language and Region, and choose the English Language.

2- Think English

Try to think and speak to yourself in English. Whatever you can think of in your daily life, try to think of it in English. It may seem difficult at first.
But even if your thoughts will necessarily be more basic in the new language, because you control it less than your native language. The speech will be less precise, less evolved, and less nuanced, just and keep practicing, that is the key to success in any domain.

3- Read books and comics in English

Is there an English author that you particularly like? Ken Follett? J. K.  Rowling? Arthur Conan Doyle? Just go to Amazon in the “English Books” section and find easy-to-read authors that transport you to another world.
Think also about public libraries and media libraries. Most of them offer entire shelves of books in English or visit our free ebook section. It’s worth the pain!

Do not neglect reading comics. Comic Books help people learn to love reading, besides, they are very rich and varied. The advantage of BD is that the images make it easier to understand. If you’re a fan of comics, go for it!

Read and learn about the culture of the country you are interested in. Discover its customs, habits, national sports, parties, its people and their way of thinking.

4- Movies and series

People who learn best via reading will get more out of films and TV shows with English subtitles. The best is to put the subtitles so that you can understand at best. If you do not understand anything without subtitles in your language, then change them.
But keep in mind, subtitles will not help you if you don’t enjoy what you’re watching!

5- English TV 

Watching English TV programs is very helpful. Try to use the website or application to watch British TV. We will cover this topic in detail and step-by-step in an upcoming article.

6- Your best ally: Internet

Subscribe to blogs and forums corresponding to your interest. Just do some research on Google and subscribe to Youtube channels of English classes, there are dozens!

7- Podcasts and Youtube channels

Podcasts are a must for listening to English every day. There are so many podcasters talk about different topics on politics, history, culture, personal development or sports, and you can even find English classes! You can have excellent courses, for grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension for free. Do a search based on your passions, and subscribe to those that match your interests. We will cover this topic in detail and step-by-step in an upcoming article.

8- English newspapers

If you like newspapers, you can read articles directly on the websites of these newspapers. For example the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time Magazine, The Economist, etc. If you have a Kindle-like reader (or any other brand), you can receive newspaper articles for free, directly in your reader. To do this, download the free software Calibre, and use it to receive your favorite newspapers.

9- Cooking can help you

Another original idea: read cooking recipes in English. Cook new dishes (especially American and Canadian dishes). Search on Google and find one, then cook it! It’s fun, it’s the beginning of the discovery, and it will require you to read your recipes in English.

Remember: focus on your interests, passions, and fun, then organize your environment so that there is English everywhere.

10- Use a notebook

It’s not worth writing down all the time. For example, if you watch a movie, you will not necessarily want to pause it every 30 seconds to write in your notebook. The idea is simply to keep it with you and regularly note new words, it will help you in checking your progress in English and in vocabulary building.
For example, if you watch a movie and you understand a new word, write it down, for example:

Thursday, August 4, I have learned these new words: backseat driver, steering wheel.
Friday, August 5: I have learned the present perfect. Ex: He has worked in the store for seven years.

You should write down a few new notions or words permanently, and you can read them frequently, because repetition is important for learning vocabulary, so feel free to review the words learned.

11- Take classes

If you followed the previous tips, you can succeed in your journey of learning without taking classes; However, practice makes perfect. The more you write, the better you become with constructive feedback from experienced English professors. You will be oriented directly on the useful concepts to learn.
we advise you of course to follow the free courses that we will post on our website in the free courses section. They will be designed for all levels and different learning issues (Grammar, vocabulary, Pronunciation, comprehension, etc.)
But no matter what course you will take, make sure you like it and that you will be excited to finish it.

12- Make Grammar your friend

Grammar is useful, you have to study it in order to understand how the language works and how to use it correctly. We advise you to take a look at Grammar books of authors like Jane Straus, Raymond Murphy, Michael Swan..etc. You also can go to our free E-book section, where you will find free E-books full of grammar lessons that are very simplified and well explained.

13- Exceed your apprehension of speaking English, and improve your pronunciation

Do not be ashamed! and remember that you can totally speak English for real, without mastering everything 100%. If you did not practice it and you want to wait until to be able to speak like a native speaker, you will be waiting for a long time. Sound like a native speaker is a very good goal, but do not wait until you reach it to start a conversation.
No need to be perfect to start talking! Just focus on being understood before having a perfect accent.