Free English course: English up a Level Short Course

What you will learn

In this course you will learn :

 Advanced vocabulary – people you speak to or who read what you write will really sit up and take notice

 How to avoid the mistakes in English that nearly everyone else is making


If you can understand what I say on the video, using the English subtitles if necessary, you’ll be fine.

Description of the course

Get ready to take giant steps in your written and spoken English. This course focuses on eliminating the mistakes that nearly everyone makes in English and also on refining your vocabulary. Devised and presented by an English teacher with a Master’s degree in languages from the University of Cambridge, the course features five substantial written activities in some 80 minutes of video.

You can now go to Quizlet, the world’s best-known vocabulary learning website, to practice all the words and expressions you encounter in the Short Course. Access is free, and full details are to be found in the resources that accompany Lecture 1.

Who this course is for

Intermediate and advanced learners of English as a foreign language and native English speakers.

About the instructor

Ashley Rickman

Experienced English teacher

I’m a native Englishman, born in London but now living in Sydney, and I’ve always been closely involved in language and languages.

With a Master’s degree from Cambridge University in Anglo-Saxon and Latin – the two languages which more than any others go to make up the English that we speak today – I have a good knowledge of English grammar and word origins. I also speak several modern languages.

I’ve been an English teacher for the past 15 years. My two major interests as a teacher have always been vocabulary extension and the elimination of mistakes. I believe strongly that the best way to do this is to have my students keep repeating any new learning, by recalling it, writing it and saying it over and again. My classes are therefore characterised by plenty of short exercises – quizzes, spelling tests, vocabulary activities, speaking routines, grammar checks etc.

I am the author of an encyclopaedia of crime and police work, published in England in 2002, and have written a number magazine articles, published nationally in Australia and England, on English teaching.

Away from work, I am married with two children aged 18 and 11. I am a keen cricketer and enjoy fishing, rowing and local history.

Enjoy Zealots!