Learn the most common errors that people made while speaking in English

Common errors people made 

while speaking in English

While speaking, people make common errors. To help you avoid those common errors, below are given some examples. These will help you to avoid the common pitfalls.

Common Errors

Incorrect: John is kindness, so many people want to chat with him.
Correct: John is so kind that many people want to chat with him.

Incorrect: Had you come to Korea? Randy
Correct: Have you ever been to Korea, Randy?

Incorrect: Chan, are your work busy?
Correct: Chan, do you have a busy job?

Incorrect: I am going to a picnic.
Correct: I am going on a picnic.

Incorrect: I am a bit in a hurry
Correct: I am in a bit of a hurry

Incorrect: Ah Ling, What is Hong Kong interesting.
Correct: Ah Ling, What is in Hong Kong interesting?

Incorrect: I’ll date her out this Saturday.
Correct: I’ll take her out on a date this Saturday.

Incorrect: My house is to ten minute of her.
Correct: It is a ten-minute drive from my house to hers.

Incorrect: I had told you I am from China.
Correct: I have told you before that I am from China.

Incorrect: How do you think: to learn the English?
Correct: What is your point on learning English?

Incorrect: Would you please don’t ask me this question, OK?
Correct: Would you please not ask me this question, OK?

Incorrect: I’m heard music.
Correct: I am listening to some music now.

Incorrect: I am come from China.
Correct: I am from China/ I come from China.

Incorrect: OK, I will see you late!
Correct: OK, I will see you later!

Incorrect: I wish I have…
Correct: I wish I had….

Incorrect: I am going to watch the cinema tonight.
Correct: I am going to a movie tonight.

Incorrect: I am difficult to learn English.
Correct: It is difficult for me to learn English.

Incorrect: I still so surprise we were born in same day.
Correct: I am so surprised that we were born on the same day.

Incorrect: Is there some topic talk about?
Correct: Is there any topic to talk about?

Incorrect: Give me a favour!
Correct: Please do me a favour!

Incorrect: I don’t understand the meaning what you say…
Correct: I don’t understand the meaning of what you said….

Incorrect: There are not anything wrong…
Correct: There is nothing wrong….

Incorrect: Why not come yesterday?
Correct: Why didn’t you come yesterday?

Incorrect: What hobby do you like?
Correct: What is your hobby?

Incorrect: Almost people here I never met before.
Correct: Almost all the people here are strangers to me.

Incorrect: You must be quite a character.
Correct: You are quite a character

Incorrect: In fact, Billy really owns some personality to be a VIP.
Correct: In fact, Billy really has what it takes to be a VIP.

Incorrect: Just now my connection have problem…
Correct: I just had a connection problem………

Incorrect: Ron, maybe I will sleepless after I saw his pic !
Correct: Ron, I may be sleepless tonight after seeing his picture!

Incorrect: I am so boring today, please bring me fun.
Correct: I feel so bored today, please say something funny.

Incorrect: Judy: Tom sent his pic to me for long time ago.
Correct: Judy: Tom sent me his picture a long time ago.

Incorrect: You can try it more ……….
Correct: You can try a few times ………..

Incorrect: He went to abroad to further his study.
Correct: He went abroad to further his study.

Incorrect: Because that can let me more to be clear about your talk.
Correct: Because that can help me to understand what you said better.

Incorrect: Do you live there from the day your born.
Correct: Have you lived there since birth?

Incorrect: You are very learned.
Correct: You are very knowledgeable.

Incorrect: I am sorry, my computer have the problem.
Correct: I am sorry, there is a problem with my computer.

Incorrect: Today; I’ll wash my cat.
Correct: I’ll give my cat a bath today.

Incorrect: How many days left for you to quit your position?
Correct: How many days are left before you quit your job?
Correct: How many days are left until you quit your job?

Incorrect: Well, now my connection have problem.
Correct: Well, I have some problems with my connection now.

Incorrect: I writed the sentences yours down, Maggie.
Correct: I have written down your sentences, Maggie.

Incorrect: Did Thailand come into rain season?
Correct: Is it the rainy season in Thailand?

Incorrect: Well, Peter!!! You must not a material boy; that is my kind too.
Correct: Well, Peter!!! You are not a materialistic person like me.

Incorrect: I’m so much pleasing to talk with you.
Correct: I’m so pleased/happy to talk with you.

Incorrect: But I had sent it for 3 days.
Correct: But I sent it 3 days ago.

Incorrect: How is going everything?
Correct: How is everything going?

Incorrect: I don’t know how speak it in English.
Correct: I don’t know how to say it in English.

Incorrect: How many mountains exist in China?
Correct: How many mountains are there in China?

Incorrect: How was your sleeping yesterday? Judy
Correct: Did you have a good sleep yesterday; Judy?

Incorrect: You’re not get used to it, I guess ……….
Correct: You’re not used to it, I guess ……….

Incorrect: He is trying to look cute to make himself forgiven.
Correct: He is trying to get away with it by looking cute.

Incorrect: Chen, you are informed. Thanks for your information.
Correct: Chen, you are informative. Thanks for your information.

Incorrect: Why are you come here so often?
Correct: Why do you come here so often?

Incorrect: Are you born in Malaysia?
Correct: Were you born in Malaysia?

Incorrect: Why don’t stay more time here?
Correct: Why don’t you stay a little longer?

Incorrect: He was in a hospital and he is recently out of it.
Correct: He was discharged from the hospital recently.

Incorrect: I’m also from China, but I’m live in Philippines now.
Correct: I’m also from China, but I’m living in the Philippines now.

Incorrect: But chat room of teacher with this chat room are difference. Right?
Correct: But there is difference between the teacher’s chat room and this chat room, right?

Incorrect: If oneday I am good in English, I would deflnitely admit it.
Correct: If someday I am good at English, I will deflnitely admit to it.

Incorrect: I have not 2 years meet him
Correct: I haven’t met him for 2 years.

Incorrect: It is simply unimaginable on me not to fight back.
Correct: It is simply unimaginable to me not to fight back.

Incorrect: I hate my boss, I feel like kicking on his butt.
Correct: I hate my boss, I feel like kicking his butt.

Incorrect: I do not like English, so, I will go out here.
Correct: I don’t like English, so I am leaving here now.

Incorrect: This is the last time I went there, as the doctor has unravel the stitches.
Correct: It was the last time that I had to go there as the doctor took out the stitches.

Incorrect: Derek, why are you come and go say nothing to us?
Correct: Derek, why did you come and go without saying anything to us?

Incorrect: I must to say that your’s English is perfect. How did you learn it?
Correct: I must say that your English is perfect. How did you learn it?

Incorrect: I want to talk someone.
Correct: I want to talk to someone.

Incorrect: You are right. Just now I have leisure. Peter
Correct: You are right. I was free just now, Peter

Incorrect: I’m very sorry for yesterday, but my chief returned and I must to leave the chatroom at once.
Correct: I am sorry for my abrupt exit yesterday because my boss suddenly turned up.

Incorrect: I didn’t say bye for you yesterday, please don’t be angry.
Correct: I didn’t say bye to you yesterday, please don’t be angry.

Incorrect: Betty, are you investing on stock market?
Correct: Betty, are you investing in the stock market?

Incorrect: Can you join me the talk?
Correct: Can I join in the talk?

Incorrect: We have full off and half off on Sunday.
Correct: We are given the option to work either full or half day on Sunday.

Incorrect: Kelvin, don’t be so jealousy!
Correct: Kelvin, don’t be so jealous!

Incorrect: The china is coming into rainy weather.
Correct: China is in rainy season now.

Incorrect: All these three cities are similar warm as Malaysia.
Correct: All three of these cities are as warm as Malaysia.

Incorrect: What time of a day now in your country?
Correct: What is the time now in your country?

Incorrect: Comes to think of it, it sounds right!
Correct: Come to think of it, it does sound right!

Incorrect: Last one typhoon let person 4 hundred million damage.
Correct: The latest typhoon has cost the people 400 million damage.

Incorrect: But I’m illiterature computer….
Correct: But I’m a computer illiterate….

Incorrect: I can’t follow you two talk now.
Correct: I can’t follow what both of you are talking about.

Incorrect: You must know she is jealous very much.
Correct: You must know that she is jealous by nature.

Incorrect: Seems nothing changed to me …
Correct: It seems that nothing has changed to me…

Incorrect: Will she come to there soon?
Correct: She will go there soon, won’t she?

Incorrect: Today is very slow.
Correct: The connection is slow today.

Incorrect: But you know a lot about computer, isn’t it? I know nothing at all about it!
Correct: But you know a lot about computer, don’t you? I myself know nothing about it!

Incorrect: The sales of light arms is the main cause of heavy casualty in conflicting nations.
Correct: The sale of light arms to conflicting nations is the main cause of heavy causalities.

Incorrect: Why you want to know more about me? I am just a small people.
Correct: Why do you want to know more about me? I am a nobody.

Incorrect: Make sure that it is a high pay job.
Correct: Make sure that it is a high paying job.

Incorrect: I wonder if there is a comment on the certificate by GE about how good a student perform in the course?
Correct: I wonder if there is a comment on the certificate by GE about how well a student performs in the course?

Incorrect: We have lots of rain, because we’re in monsoon season.
Correct: There is a lot of rain here as we are in monsoon season now.

Incorrect: How much is the temperature?
Correct: What is the temperature?

Incorrect: Don’t feel anger with me!!! I’m just kidding.
Correct: Don’t be mad at me!!! I’m just kidding.

Incorrect: Kitty; your honey was left just now because I told him you will coming soon.
Correct: Kitty; your honey has just left as I told him you would be commg soon.

Incorrect: I am a Chinese and have been abroad 10 years.
Correct: I am Chinese and have been in abroad for 10 years.

Incorrect: OK, tell me how does he like?
Correct: OK, tell me what he looks like?

Incorrect: I think you should go to abroad find a job make your life a little bit changed.
Correct: I think you shouldgo abroad to find a job and make your life a little bit different for a change.

Incorrect: Lilian is living far away with China.
Correct: Lilian is living far away from China.

Incorrect: I am sure not even one man can control himself if he meet this kind of situation.
Correct: I doubt that there is even one man who can control himself in this situation.

Incorrect: Are you a saler, Alvin?
Correct: Are you a salesman, Alvin?

Incorrect: The team bring a lot of happy for football fan in the world but now I doubtful them.
Correct: The team used to bring a lot of fun to the soccer fans in the world but I am doubtful of them now.

Incorrect: Which kind of car?
Correct: What type of car?

Incorrect: I think your express will have a little difficult, but that is a lucky thing, I can understand you.
Correct: I think you have difficulty in expressing your idea. Luckily, I can understand you.

Incorrect: How are you this week?
Correct: How have you been this week?

Incorrect: I know you are good in computer and English.
Correct: I know you are good at computers/computing and English.

Incorrect: I think your qualification will surely make you open a computer or English training centre.
Correct: I think you can open up a computer or English training centre with your qualifications.

Incorrect: I am no exceptional.
Correct: I am no exception.

Incorrect: My telephone conversation with you for past one and half week has made me feel you as a very firm character.
Correct: Having telephoned with you for one week, I think you have a very firm/strong character.

Incorrect: It is easy or not get visa?
Correct: Is it easy to get visa?

Incorrect: I wonder why are you keep study after graduated high school?
Correct: I wonder why you keep studying after graduation from high school?

Incorrect: He will be great help for you.
Correct: He will be of great help to you.

Incorrect: Am I a simple girl and has not any brains?
Correct: Am I a naive lady who doesn’t have intelligence?

Incorrect: What sport are you interest?
Correct: What sports are you interested in?

Incorrect: Can you tell me when are you birthday date?
Correct: Can you tell me when your birthday is?

Incorrect: Should we continuous our speak in English language?
Correct: Shall we continue speaking in English?

Incorrect: Do you like your female staff flirted you when you be a boss?
Correct: Would you mind if your staff flirted with you if you were the boss?

Incorrect: Where is the students come from?
Correct: Where do the students come from?

Incorrect: I wonder have you be teacher before?
Correct: I wonder if you were a teacher before?

Incorrect: How long does the news?
Correct: How long does the news last?

Incorrect: We better don’t tell anothers.
Correct: We had better not tell others.

Incorrect: I am worry about your English level will getting worse if you talk to me only.
Correct: I am worried that your English will get worse if you only talk to me.

Incorrect: Come to here is more easy for you.
Correct: If you come here it will be easier for you.

Incorrect: Are they supported by Taliban or Jran.
Correct: Are they supported by the Taliban or Iran.

Incorrect: I was/got cancelled our date by her?
Correct: She cancelled the date.

Incorrect: I will read it today night.
Correct: I will read it tonight.

Incorrect: What does different between’ seems’ and ‘ seem ‘?
Correct: What is the difference between’ seems’ and ‘ seem ‘?

Incorrect: Then I was left this company found a another job.
Correct: Then I left this company and found another job.

Incorrect: I am the only one graduated from high schooL
Correct: I am the only one graduating from high schooL

Incorrect: She told me there is no another way
Correct: She told me there was no other way.

Incorrect: In fact I want my life had a little bit changed.
Correct: In fact I want to have some change in my life.

Incorrect: Oh, he has the same car with yours?
Correct: Oh, he has the same car like yours?

Incorrect: I have been many places in Beijing. I like this city so much.
Correct: I have been to many places in Beijing. I like tllls city very much.

Incorrect: There are many softwares available these days for various purposes.
Correct: There is a lot ofsoftware available these days for various purposes.

Incorrect: Let me check your pic again see how is your beautiful eyes looks like. ahha
Correct: Let me take a look at your pic again and see how beautiful your eyes look like. Haha

Incorrect: I am living at Canada now and working as a sales.
Correct: I living in Canada now and working in sales.

Incorrect: How do you think my idea?
Correct: What do you think of my idea?

Incorrect: Am I complete right?
Correct: Am I completely right?

Incorrect: Could you correct me this letter?
Correct: Would you correct this letter for me?

Incorrect: Thanks, I no longer need to wait for anyone else’s opinion anymore.
Correct: Thanks, I no longer need to wait for anyone else’s opinion.