Capitalization Quiz – Lower case or upper case letters?

Capitalization Quiz is related to the Capital letters lesson. After finishing the course, you can take this quiz, and test your knowledge. You will find a short introduction to the lesson below.

As we know, in English, most of the time we write with lower case letters and we use Capital letters or upper case letters for specific situations. As a general rule, since the capital letters are bigger, then we use them to contrast with the small letters. We do that when a word is very important so that we can see it more easily…

Which of the following sentences uses capital letters correctly?

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The first word in an English sentence _________ with a capital letter.

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Should we capitalize the first letter of the names of companies?

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Which word is correctly capitalized?

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Which of the following sentences uses capital letters correctly?

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Choose the sentence that has the correct capital letter usage

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Check the capitalization of the sentence below

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Which word is wrongly capitalized?

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Which is always capitalized?

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Which are not capitalized?

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The use of capital letter - Trivia Quiz
Come on!


Seriously, have you read the capital letters lesson before answering the quiz?
Good job!

Almost all your answers were correct.
You can do it !


Read the capital letters lesson, and take the quiz again.
Perfect !


You have mastered the capital letter lesson. Check more challenging lessons and quizzes.
We believe in you !


You may have let something slips out. Refresh the quiz and take it again.

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