All the business English courses gathered in one link to help you in your daily conversation

We all know why English is important in business today. Institutions like London School of English or The British Language Center, they all are professional English schools that teach business English lessons and business English conversation in the UK; however, none of these provide an intensive online English course for learners, besides their courses cost an arm and leg.

You don’t have to study or learn English in London in the UK. Luckily, we believe in exchanging ideas, in e-learning and MOOCs, and that learning should be for free. That’s why we are starting a new series of professional English courses which will focus on :


How to write a professional email 

How to write professional letters 

The daily English conversation at work 

Teaching business in English 

Developing business English skills


So, whether you have a bachelor or MBA degree, whether you are a student, staff member, or a teacher, whether you live in an English or non-English speaking country, these courses will help you if :

You are trying to build your own business 

You need to develop your daily conversations skills with English speakers 

Your job demands high skills in professional writing 

You are a drop shipper, Shopify user or an online store owner


We will make this course a reference; whenever we post a lesson, we will share it here. You can make this article on your favorite websites’ list and make sure you check it from time to time.

So, study hard, study smart, and stay tuned with our online English courses provided to you free of charge.

Good luck zealots!

All the business English courses


1. Letters


A- How to write effective letters

In this lesson, you will learn few steps that can help you get started and keep writing until you have a finished letter. Using these techniques, you should never again find yourself at a loss when you need to put your thoughts in writing.


B- How to write a recommendation letter with examples

A recommendation letter is a document written by your professor (sometimes your previous employer), certifies that you have successfully achieved your degree (or your tasks), besides, it states all your abilities and achievements. In this lesson you will find examples of recommendation letters free for all practical purposes.